Dugg dugg

Dugg Dugg is a slang word for “Dig”

Digging deep insights into the Digital Marketing

Sharing the case studies, experiences and we will be looking you to be on the better path from our experiences and learnings…

The term refers indicates to : Digital Marketing Consultant!!

The Digital Marketing: involves the SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, etc. A pool of Digital-tools, connected with each other. Its all about, Planning a growth model with set timelines picking the right tools and targeting to the right audience, engaging and converting them for your target goals. That is what makes the Digital Marketing Consultants to differ among the Digital Marketing Agencies or Digital Marketing Companies. For any business the growth trends are imperative only when they got in depth of the marketing trends and insights and analytic of their opportunities. I will help you in finding those opportunities, will Create new fields of expansion. Digitally growing will always be successful as in not wasting much of time, focusing more on execution by Optimizing and Focussed.


In a world of Digital marketing consultants each one offering their own respective services. I would like to make you learn, suggest hold your hand and go on with you, understanding your needs i.e. either to Brand your Product/service or generating more leads, increasing revenues etc.

The Internet marketing is a vast ocean and everybody knows something but alot to learn more.. eg. I hope everybody owns a Facebook Account, linkedin account. There you are… already in to the Digital Media and the likes and shares you are getting and doing is already a part of Social Media Marketing. But how to do the same with a goal to achieve with focussed strategy for SEO, SEM etc.. I will help you out.

Well we have a strategy from starting 60 days to 1 year of crisp and stretched marketing plans. Lesser time takes high risk, higher investments and optimal returns, whereas longer time takes least risk, Very optimum investment and guaranteed returns, also additional the trends you will be able to track and change the patterns as per demands. Long term digital marketing trends seems pretty strategic but the involvements are much higher as it involves Content Marketing, Google Analytics more as a focussed area to keep an eye on.

Finally, I would really like to see you growing, saving your investments on Digital Marketing plans. So that re-investing  that savings into your business to grow exponentially will be the best way to be an entrepreneur or a business man.

You can reach out to me : duggdugg9@gmail.com or can call me @ +919582569302

Warm Regards

Shubhi Arora